ABC Polymer™

Our technology is based on proprietary copolymer derived from biocompatible glycerol and caprolactone monomer units and has unique advantages over other polymers for the following reasons:

  • the polymer can be manufactured at relatively low temperature, allowing the inclusion of a wider array of temperature labile drugs, peptides and proteins
  • a variety of therapeutic agents can be loaded into the copolymer at varying concentrations and released locally over months, thereby maximizing drug exposure to the local cells
  • moldable polymeric films are easily processed into customizable dimensions to cover a flexible, deformable soft tissue surface such as the lung
  • the polymer contains pendant reactive groups that can be conjugated to bioactive molecules such as drugs or targeting agents
  • the films can be combined with standard staple line buttressing materials, such as the many clinically approved polymer meshes or resorbable bovine pericardial reinforcement strips
  • the device can be stapled and secured to lung tissue
  • normal healing is not impaired by either the polymer, or the localized delivery of chemotherapeutic agent at the dosages tested